Books Examining Illustration profiles the three books on illustration by Jo Davies and Derek Brazell: Making Great Illustration, Becoming A Successful Illustrator and Understanding Illustration.

Making Great Illustration looks at some of the world’s best illustrators, offering information from exclusive face to face interviews, with images of work and portrait and studio photographs, it gives a wide ranging view into the creation of illustration from concept to finished work. The blog shares our travels around the world to interview the thirty illustrators featured.

Published worldwide in 2011, the book has ten sections, covering a wide range of illustrative practice from design and advertising, political illustration, children’s books, surface pattern and fashion illustration through to graphic novels and reportage illustration, showcasing many of the top artists in each field.

Making Great Illustration reveals the diversity of working methods used, and gives a rare insight into the unique perspective, approach and artwork of each artist.

Derek Brazell & Jo Davies

“Thoroughly profound … A wonderful and interesting read that creates an inspiring aura from start to finish.” –  Association of Illustrators

“A rich array of important, exciting and inspirational work, intelligently collated.” –  Kirsten Hardie, The Arts University College at Bournemouth

“Jo Davies and Derek Brazell do a brilliant job at highlighting the influence that illustration has in everyday life.” –  Grafik

“Beautifully curated … One of the loveliest aspects of the book is the attention to detail throughout. The photography is excellent, giving a real sense of each artist’s workspace … Making Great Illustration reveals the 21st century illustration world to be in rather rude health.” –  Steve Pill, Artists & Illustrators

“This exquisitely produced survey of contemporary work and workers in the field of illustration provides a cornucopia of images showing what’s going on in the world at the moment … something for everyone … a heavyweight and authoritative volume that says pretty much all there is to be said on its subject.” –  Henry Malt, Art Book Review

“Illustrators should gain insight, empathy and a rich seam of passive advice within the deftly distilled thoughts of these artists.” –  Stuart Ian Burns, Feeling Listless

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  1. Dorothy Flint says:

    I cant wait to get this book. I am familiar with many illustrators work as I collect their books and take the very interesting Illustration magazine, but need to know more about contemporary work. Have found some copies of society of illustrators magazines, covering international practitioners. Just into oca level one, and have much to learn Thank you for this review, Dorothy flint.

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